Training for trainers takes place

6. October 2023

In collaboration with the Cybersecurity Network Foundation (CSN), RATEL hosted, on October 4-5, 2023, a training for trainers intended for the representatives of relevant institutions and organizations in the area of information security. The training was held by Don Stikvoort, Chair of the Open CSIRT Foundation (OCF), the author of SIM3 model, one of the creators and lecturers at TRANSITS trainings, training coordinator within the EU Cyber4Dev project and author of the Good Practice Guide on Training Methodologies published by ENISA.

The attendees had an opportunity to develop specific skills and acquire knowledge on various learning and lecture strategies, training program preparation methodologies, how to become a trainer, how to prepare lectures and how to conduct a cyber security training.

The goal of the training is strengthening of staff capacities of the Republic of Serbia – an area of joint and continuous efforts by the National CERT and the Cybersecurity Network Foundation, realized through an intensive long-term cooperation.

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