SMS fraud against postal service users active again

15. November 2022

The Naional CERT would like to warn all postal service users that a fraud abusing the name of the Post of Serbia is active again. The customers are sent an SMS about a parcel supposedly not being able to be delivered due to an unpaid customs fee. For a successful delivery, a click on an included link is needed.

This link however leads to a fake page where the customer is asked to fill in their credit card data, which then enables the attackers to clear the user’s bank account.

The Public Enterprise „Post of Serbia“ has repeatedly reminded its users that this is not how it communicates with its customers, so extra caution is warranted.

The National CERT urges all recipients of such SMS not to open the link contained in the message and not to enter the information required by the fraudsters.

The National CERT website offers publications on similar threats, including an explanation about how current phishing campaigns are being carried out.

It is advised that this fraudulent activity be reported to the Post of Serbia via its Call Center at 0700 100 300 and 011 3607 788, from 8h to 20h on business days and from 8h to 15h on weekends, and also to the National CERT.

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