Fraud on Social Network Meta (Facebook)

18. February 2022

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia would like to warn the public of current phishing campaign targeting Meta (Facebook) users.

The users are advised to be watchful if they receive a Messenger text reading „I think I saw you in this video, is this really you?“ including a link supposedly leading to the mentioned video clip. The purpose of the link is to obtain user account data, in order to abuse the account for the further malicious content distribution. The users are therefore advised not to click on links contained in this type of messages and to delete the communication right away.

If however the user has already clicked on the link and disclosed their personal data (user name and password), in an attempt to access the video supposedly featuring their person, it is necessary to immediately change the user name and password of that account, as well as all other accounts where that same user name and password are in use.

Message sample: 


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