Updated notification: Fraud on e-Commerce Platforms

1. February 2022

The National CERT informs and warns the public that the scam directed against e-commerce platform users has been intensified. This abuse targets the advertisers, contacted through an application by the supposed buyers interested in specific advertized products.

The communication is usually made via Whatsapp or Viber, and using contact telephone numbers can be from national or international networks. 

The supposed buyer starts the conversation by asking the advertizer if the product is still available and if the purchase can be made online. Then, a link is provided to them on behalf of a supposed e-commerce platform administrator, along with an explanation that the supposed buyer has already made a payment via an application and that the advertizer is now required to follow a link leading to a page where credit card number and CVV number are to be entered in the offered field, so that the payment for the product could be supposedly finalized. Occasionally, the supposed buyer asks the advertizer additionally for the codes the latter gets while filling in the form. As soon as the advertizer enters the data and delivers the codes, the funds from their bank account get withdrawn, after which the fraudster leaves the conversation, blocking any further contact.

The National CERT advises all e-commerce platform users to be extremely vigilant when asked to disclose their personal bank account data, and to pay special attention to payment conditions on the platforms they use.

This very frequent phishing type of abuse is preventable by knowledge. Learn how to recognize phishing attacks and do not let yourself become an easy target.

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