Fake update for Windows 10 OS

22. November 2019

The National CERT warns all users about new malicious campaign which spoofs urgent update emails from Microsoft to infect user's systems with the Cyborg ransomware. Fake notices are sent via email to Windows 10 Operating System users, with either the subject line Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now! or Critical Microsoft Windows Update!

The malicious email itself contains just one line of text which reads “Please install the latest critical update from Microsoft attached to this email”.

Upon clicking on the email's attachment, and once activated, the ransomware encrypts all of the files on the infected user's system, locking all the files on the PC, while displaying a ransom message on the screen.

The National CERT informs all users that Microsoft forwards its update notices and information exclusively through its Operating System and NEVER via email.

It is recommended by the National CERT that users who receive similar emails delete them right away. We remind all Internet users not to open any email attachments or links from unknown or untrusted sources.

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