New Type of Ransom on the Internet

21. August 2019

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia (SRB-CERT) is informing and warning all computer and mobile device users about new type of Ransom detected on the Internet in which hackers require payment of a certain amount of money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Specifically, hackers select a potential victim and through the search of social network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) analyze the collected data about the victim and their family members. Based on the information collected, such as name of primary or secondary school, sports school, music school, etc., they pass the threat to the victim, stating that they will attack the child if the victim does not pay the required amount of money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Among the victims there were some SME companies, which reported that hackers were threatening food or animal poisoning that the company produces or breeds on its farms, or the burning of goods stored in certain company warehouses.

SRB-CERT advises all user to act preventively, by paying attention to the information and photos they publish on social networks and thus prevent abuse of this type of extortion on the Internet.

If users receive such a threat, it is imperative that they report the incident to the Ministry of the Interior - Department for the High-Tech Crime, at e-mail account

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