Technical Training for Students of Faculty of Technical Sciences

30. May 2023

The National CERT, on May 30, held yet another techincal training intended for the students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University in Novi Sad, on a platform for cyber incident simulation. As part of the “Norway for You – Serbia” project, funded by the Kingdom of Norway and carried out by the United Nations Office for Project Services – UNOPS, a CyberRange platfom, intended for the performance of cyber exercises was donated.

The training attendees were able to use a state-of-the art platform for the improvement of skills necessary for cyber attack detection and recovery, and gain practical experience in this area.

In addition to extending support to the academic sector, the aim of the training is to enhance students’ knowledge and motivation to choose cyber security as their future profession, thus contributing to the protection of the Republic of Serbia from cyber attacks.

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