Phishing campaign abusing COVID-19 pandemic

30. November 2021

The National CERT wishes to inform all Internet users that a phishing campaign abusing the COVID-19 pandemic and current situation pertaining to Digital green certificates is under way. This phishing campaign is usually being carried out via e-mail messages.

The phishing message contains a link to download an e-document on vaccination, instructing the user to click on the link and download a supposed Digital green certificate. The e-mail sender is certain Zorica Torlak, Head of Pharmacy Service Belgrade.

The legitimate issuer of the Digital green certificate in the Republic of Serbia is the Office for IT and e-Government, therefore the National CERT urges the users to pay attention if they receive any similar suspicious e-mail message offering the Digital green certificate, not to open it, but to delete it immediately.

An example of the phishing e-mail can be viewed below:


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