Phishing scam attempt

7. June 2021

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia wishes to inform all Internet users of a new ongoing phishing campaign titled „**SPAM** Ulazak u sistem je uspešno završen, svi podaci sa Vašeg uredaja su kopirani. Pročitajte uputstva dalje.“ The phishing message further reads a threatening information about all the user’s data having been copied and locked, and even a video caption of the user been taken, including all of his/her social network contacts. In exchange for the „recovery“ of the stolen data, a Bitcoin payment in the amount of 1400 USD within 50 hours is requested. The message itself does not contain a fake link, but fraudulently influences the user to willingly make a payment in order to recover their data.

The National CERT recommends that all such emails be deleted. Careful scrutiny of similar incoming messages makes it harder for the attackers to take advantage of your lack of attention on the Internet. Users are advised to be particularly watchful when receiving emails from unknown senders, containing grammatical errors, where an immediate action is required from them.

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