Abuse of Institute of Public Health in phishing campaign

1. June 2020

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia informs the citizens and companies that a phishing campaign abusing the Covid-19 pandemic, targeting the public institutions and companies is under way. An email sent from address katarina.vojvodic@batut.org.rs, contains a fake notification from the Institute of Public Health of Serbia „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“ about free distribution of protective gear to all registered individuals, and an attachment titled „preventive gear application form.pdf.zip“. This fake registration requires filling-in of the attached application form and it being sent by the end of working hours, thus abusing the emergency procedure and starting the download of malicous software - malware LokiBot. More on this malware can be found here

The National CERT advises all citizens and companies who receive such notification not to open the attachment contained in the email and report the phishing attempt to vtk@mup.gov.rs

Here you can find a warning issued by the Department of prevention of high tech crime, of the Ministry of Interior.

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