Abuse of Zoom platform

30. March 2020

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia would like to inform all users that a massive registration of fake domains supposedly belonging to Zoom platform has been detected.  Over 1700 new domains linked to this platform were registered during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, whereas 25% of the total number were recorded within last seven days. 

The Zoom platform became increasingly popular as a communication platform in the conditions of the current pandemic, when a great deal of work is being done from home. Many educational institutions, companies and government bodies are using this platform which has around 13 million active users. 

The National CERT recommends that the Zoom platform be downloaded directly from the zoom.us website.  The received invitation link to a meeting should be additionally examined in detail. Representatives of Zoom recommend to avoid options such as „personal meeting” with more users,  since this opens an opportunity for abuse of personal meeting IDs and personal links, as well as joining the meeting at any moment. Special attention is advised for the meeting security settings, the necessity to create a meeting participation password and the sharing thereof with care.  

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