Additional pecautionary measures for safe Internet and mobile device communication during state of emergency

20. March 2020

The National CERT of the Republic of Serbia would like to inform and warn the citizens of a multitude of current online phishing and ransomware campaigns along with the existence of malicious applications for mobile devices. Beside the usual Internet based campaings targeting email addresses of the users, some SMS or mobile phone call based campaigns have also been observed.

These messages or malicious applications usually contains information on COVID-19, but a certain number of messages with different content have also been detected, since the users understandably switched to online and mobile communication during the state of emergency.

As part of preventive measures and actions, the National CERT urges all citizens to additionally verify the legitimacy of messages or calls requiring their personal data such as: user name and password, unique citizens identity number, current account number, credit card number including PIN and similar, so as to prevent the abuse of their accounts and personal data by the malicious Internet users.

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