Rakhni Trojan - Multifunctional Malicious Software

9. July 2018

The Kaspersky Lab has detected a new type of malicious software called Rakhni Trojan (Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rakhni). This type of malicious software has multifunctional abilities. It can be run as ransomware, crypto-miner or net-worm depending on the attacker's decision. Initially, it runs content checks on the victim's PC after which the attacker triggers one of the three possible options.

This type of malicious software emerges on the territory of Russia and spreads further via spam and phishing campaigns. It contains e-mails with fake corporate financial documents. Once they have opened the e-mail, users get instructions on how to open the attached PDF file. By clicking on the PDF, the victim launches an executable file written in Delphi which uses a fake Adobe Systems Incorporated digital signature.

If an attacker decides to launch the ransomware option, the user will receive a MESSAGE.txt file with the ransom request (please visit decryption tools).

If an attacker decides to start the crypto-mining option, a VBS script will start mining Monero and Dashcoin cryptocurrency.

If the previous two options are not suitable, the attacker may decide to run net-worm option which allows the Trojan to copy itself on all computers of the local network.

For more details please visit: threatpost.com





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